Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and GDPR

On this Page you will be able to find all the information about the data We collect from our Visitors. Reading through, you will learn more of our own Obligations and Precautionary Measures we have to undertake in order to Collect, Use and Protect data, as stated in new and old Regulations.

We are obliged to provide you with clear instructions of managing data collected. This way we ensure that you are in total control of information we gather from your side.

As the Regulation states, our duty is to inform you of the Service Providers that indirectly collect some of the data through our website when using their Service. In addition to this, we will also provide you with guidance and links needed to Opt-Out from such monitoring, or to have your already collected data completely deleted.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a form of Written Guarantee that we give, stating that we will not Compromise, Sell or Forward information we collect about you at any point. Nor will it be used in any kind of Fraudulent process.

We would also like to mention once again that, some Data is being collected by Third Party ea. our Service Provider such as Server Host. We do not own or use any of that information, nor we are responsible for practices of said Third Party. Due to this, we suggest you look into their own Privacy Policy and Protection of the Data they collect.

While not legally obliged, as stated by new GDPR, we are strongly advised to make sure our Service Providers are compliant to the new set of rules. For this occasion we regularly do Website and Privacy Audit of our Service Providers. Still, if anything raises the red flag when checking our partners on your own, or reading their Privacy Policy, please inform us of such inconvenience by sending us an e-mail to so we can look into that matter ourselves.


No Cookies other than the ones necessary for the work of the website itself are placed upon your visit. Those are the Cookies that are obligatory and therefore stated as compliant by the new set of GDPRegulations.

Information Collected.

We do not collect or store any kind of Personal information by any means on this website.

Managing Cookies and Data collected.

As stated by GDPR we are obliged to instruct you in managing cookies, even if we do not collect or store any kind of Personal information.

You are able to manage the information Cookies collect upon your visit, and you are allowed to request that we delete the Data already collected at any point. You are also able to completely block all the Cookies in your Browser.

If you want to learn more about the Cookies themselves, their purpose and managing them, you can visit some of the links below.

http://www.allaboutcookies. org/
http://www.youronlinechoices. eu/

Types of Cookies.

We can recognize two types of Cookies based on the place, purpose and the Party that has placed it. According to those elements, we have “First Party” and “Third Party” Cookies.

First Party Cookies.

First Party Cookies are the ones that are Placed and Managed by our own Website. Information collected by these are used Solely for the purpose of improving whole Users Experience and Optimizing Website. One of the most known Cookie that falls under this Category is a Pop-Up Window that is used mostly to get over an important piece of information or message to a Visitor.

Third Party Cookies.

Services whos Providers collect some of the information indirectly through our Website and are doing so by Setting Up their own Cookies which are called “Third Party” Cookies. Service Provider we use as our Server Host is Leftor: .

Once again, we do not control, store or own information collected by Third Party cookies, so if you care about data they collect from you, take some time out of your schedule to read carefully through their respective Privacy Policies.

Server Host Is our Service Provider that collects some information through our Website. Since it is our Server Host this information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, clickstream data, landing page, and referring URL.

You can read through their Privacy Policy here

Opting Out or Deleting Data already collected can be done by sending an e-mail to: or

“General Data Protection Regulation” GDPR

In this section, we will try to show you how exactly GDPR affects you, and which rights does it bring to you.

For detailed information about GDPR and all Articles of the Regulation follow the link below:

Final draft of this regulation has been brought to you long before it actually took effect. The whole regulation went live on May 25th 2018.

According to the Regulations, we are obliged to notify you of Cookies our site uses upon your first arrival, and ask for your permission to use Data collected. Data collected by our own Cookies is used solely for the purpose of improving whole Users Experience and Personalizing Content. On top of this, there are certain Third Parties that collect data in our name for statistics, or since we’re using their Service. We are obliged to provide you with necessary links so you can learn more about their Privacy Policies, and eventually, Opt-Out if you desire.

General Data Protection Regulation is allowing Cookies by default only if they are required for Website to work. All other Cookies need your permission before they start collecting any of your information.

This privacy policy is exclusive for domain BOXCODE.ES